No-Nonsense Fundraiser

The No-Nonsense Fundraiser is a casual approach to raising funds for the program that is preparing YOUR child for a more technologically-focused tomorrow. There are no obligations to donate, no set dollar amount, and no volunteer requirements. There are 90 students per class (freshmen, sophomore, junior, senior), so if every AOIT family donated just $15, we would exceed our fundraising goal!

In October the Capital Improvement Project 2013 presented Apex High School with 700 laptops as a part of the 3-1 initiative. 
Laptop carts with 10-11 laptops were distributed to all core classroom teachers. AOIT would like to purchase and stock a laptop cart with at least 25 computers in an effort to afford our teachers the privilege to make their classroom 1:1 when needed. The AOIT cart would be available for any AOIT teacher to check in full or just enough to supplement what they were provided by the school. It is our hope that these laptops will encourage more technology in the core subject areas. Each laptop costs $517.00 and the storage cart will cost approximately $1,500. It is our goal to purchase the cart and 10 laptops with our 2016-2017 No-Nonsense fundraiser. This means, if each AOIT student donates $20 we will be well on our way to making sure each AOIT class can be 1:1 when needed!

Apex High School AOIT is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, so your donation is tax deductible. Don’t forget to check with your employer for matching donation opportunities—it can DOUBLE your family’s donation.

HUGE Thank you and Congratulations to our very own graduating senior, Connor Shugg for donating part of his award winnings to the Apex High School AOIT! Check out the amazing music inspired video game that he created – and won NATIONAL recognition for as well as a large financial grant for his high school! New laptops are being purchased thanks to your kind donation! Congratulations, Connor!

Teacher Wish List:

  • Lenovo ThinkCenter Computers for core classrooms
  • Carson Digital Microscope
  • Motic Digital Camera
  • Luxor Tablet Charging Station
  • Virtual Reality Equipment
  • Go Pro with accessory kit

Funds needed for:

  • Cyber Patriot Program
  • Design Challenges and Hack-a-Thons
  • Offsite learning experiences
  • Professional Development Conferences for teachers

A special thanks to our corporate partners:

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Apex High School Academy of Information Technology

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