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INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITIES for Class of 2020 Juniors can be found here. Click here to find one.

Class of 2019 seniors who have not signed up for their Senior Presentation should do so immediately.
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Internship Overview

Internships are a requirement for graduation from AOIT. One course credit is earned for completion of an internship. A student’s internship should consist of a significant technology component, but does not necessarily have to be a technology position. Opportunities should be solicited by parents, students, neighbors, AOIT director(Ms. Robinson), the AOIT Advisory Board, or another reliable source. The sole goal of completing an internship is to explore career options and aspirations.
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Student Benefits

The student gains many invaluable skills and experiences from completing an internship. These advantages include: application of talents and information learned from AOIT program; reinforcement of good work and professional habits; the opportunity to earn money in a workplace environment; gaining usable experience to add to a resume; and building contacts and references for future careers outside of the academic world.
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Internship Basics

All internships must meet certain criteria:

A minimum of 135 hours prior to May of 2020 is required.

Internships may be completed as a full- or part-time position during summer months, or could be performed as a part-time endeavor during the school year.

It is strongly recommended that all interns receive some kind of compensation, whether that is in the form of an hourly wage, a stipend, a laptop, scholarship, or another benefit.

The intern must utilize technology within their internship; this could be a great selling point for companies lacking a strong IT department. At least 50% of the 135 required hours must be related to technology.

Reasonable expectations should be placed upon both the student and the supervisor, and the relationship between these two should be one similar to that of a mentor, in which the student is guided through their work experience.

The student should expect periodic reviews, including a site visit, blog posts, and a formal assessment/evaluation upon the completion of hours.

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Finding an Internship

Finding an internship can be overwhelming, but there are several ways in which to do so.

Tapping into a personal network is the best way to go: ask around in your neighborhood, your parent’s workplace, your friend groups, your clubs, and more. Many opportunities go unnoticed simply because of the lack of people that learn about them. All you have to do is ask!

For internships communicated through the school or the AOIT Advisory Board, check your email and the job board postings on a regular basis. If one catches your eye, respond via email or whatever communications are listed in the post. Following sign up, you will be notified of the interview process.

If you already have a job, you can turn it into your internship. Just make sure you meet the basic requirements listed above, including the technology component. Talk to your supervisor and give Ms. Robinson their contact information. The transition from job to internship should introduce something new for the student.

AOIT program_info for Small Businesses

AOIT program_info for Corporations



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Student Responsibilities: Before the Internship

*All page numbers refer to the Internship Workbook.

Sign and turn in the Student Code of Conduct (pg. 8) and Prerequisites for an Internship (pg. 4).

Ensure that Ms. Robinson has your current email address, and check it regularly.

Write a resume, and submit it to Ms. Robinson for review.

Participate in mock interviews conducted at AHS.

Complete the internship survey.

Attend one senior internship presentation.

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Student Responsibilities: During the Internship

*All page numbers refer to the Internship Workbook.

Students must be available for the entire internship. Parent support may be required.
(Most scheduling conflicts can be discussed at the interview. Sudden changes should be discussed with a supervisor as soon as they appear.)

Learning objectives of the internship should be met.

The Internship Agreement must be completed (pg. 10).

Students should track their hours. This may be done on page 15.

Interns should maintain an up-to-date blog, detailing their experiences in their internship.

Every internship requires a site visit by Ms. Robinson. Contact her to set one up.

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Student Responsibilities: After the Internship

*All page numbers refer to the Internship Workbook.

The Post-Internship Evaluation should be completed (pgs. 17-19).

The intern’s supervisor needs to complete the Organization Supervisor Intern Evaluation (pg. 20).

A Senior Presentation is the final aspect of the internship. The dates are posted on the Calendar. Contact Ms. Robinson to sign up for a spot.

Transcript letters will be completed in September for the students who have turned in the Internship Agreement.

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