Class of 2022, make sure to complete and submit your internship materials/assignments to your Internship Google Classroom!


Internships are a requirement for graduation from AOIT. One course credit is earned for completion of an internship. A student’s internship should consist of a significant technology component but does not necessarily have to be a technology position. Opportunities should be solicited by parents, students, neighbors, the AOIT director (Ms. Robinson), the AOIT Advisory Board, or another reliable source. The sole goal of completing an internship is to explore career options and aspirations.


The student gains many invaluable skills and experiences from completing an internship. These advantages include application of talents and information learned from the AOIT program, reinforcement of good work and professional habits, the opportunity to earn money in a workplace environment, gaining usable experience to add to a resume, and building contacts and references for future careers outside of the academic world.


Below is a brief summary of internship criteria. For a more detailed summary, click here.

Class of 2022Future classes
HOURSMinimum of 80 hours.Minimum of 135 hours.
TECHNOLOGYMust incorporate some.Must incorporate some.


Class of 2022, make sure to follow these responsibilities!

1. Review, sign, and turn in:
Prerequisites for an Internship
Code of Conduct
1. Review, sign, and turn in BEFORE you start your hours:
Internship Agreement
Learning Objectives
1a. Complete and turn in:
Student Internship Evaluation
1b. Supervisor should complete:
Supervisor Intern Evaluation
2. Ensure that Ms. Robinson has your current email address, and check it regularly.2. Track and complete your hours with this timesheet.2a. Write a thank you note to your supervisor.
2b. Send a copy to Ms. Robinson.
3. Write a resume, and submit it to Ms. Robinson for review and feedback.3. Check-in regularly with Ms. Robinson.3. Make sure your journal entries and honors-level enhancements are complete.
4. Participate in mock interviews at AHS.4. Work on your 10 journal entries and 2 honors-level enhancement.4. Create a presentation, that meets these requirements, summarizing your internship experience.
5. Attend at least one senior presentation.5. Schedule a site visit, using this document, with Ms. Robinson. 5. Sign up for a date to present your experience.