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Rising seniors (and occasionally rising juniors) in Apex High School’s AOIT program have learned the fundamentals of the Information Technology industry. Coinciding with their coursework are the soft skills that give them a personable ability to connect with other professionals. Our students are motivated, eager, and ready to put these concepts to work on-site.

All AOIT internships should have a focus on technology in the workplace. The students are creative in applying the concept, which means you can be creative, too!


Student internships must complete at least 135 hours, and include some type of compensation—which can include an hourly wage or stipend, or a good, like a computer, scholarship, or software.


CTE Student Internship Guide
Business Sponsor Guide
Flip through these workbooks to get an understanding of what is expected of interns in terms of behaviors, experiences, and qualifications.
Technical Task GuidelinesSometimes it’s hard to add a technological component to a business that isn’t rooted in the technology industry. Here is a list of some ways technology can be integrated into internships for AOIT students.
Information for CorporationsFor big businesses, high school interns aren’t always commonplace. This easy-read document breaks down what your expectations may be for an intern.
Information for Small BusinessesSmall businesses have several uses for local high school kids, including visibility and promotion. This document provides more information about the benefits and specifics of interns in the local sector.
Internship Liability LetterInterns are covered under insurance by Wake County, to protect the student and the business, as outlined in this letter written by Gail MacDougal (WCPSS School-to-Career Coordinator).
Note: Links for the documents will be available soon!