Check out these study sites first for all kinds of help.

sparksnotes Made with the student in mind, there is tons of study help here. They come in the form of notes, test preparation, and more. The site also has loads of distractions such as college blogs and videos.
gradesaver Are you one of the thousands of students that didn’t get accepted into Harvard? At this site, you can still study like a Harvard student by checking out guides written by them. In addition to online and in print study guides, you can also get essay writing help.
cliffsnotes The little black and yellow guides were for the older generation. Now you can visit the official site for Cliff Notes and get all sorts of online help. There are a variety of subjects from literature to math and even test prep.
hippo campus This site aims to teach with the power of digital media. Stop by to get help on every subject from algebra to statistics. You can even create your own custom study page.
study guide zone Get study guides from literally A to Z here. They have special guides for everyone from business students to medical. College freshmen will especially appreciate the undergraduate test study guides.
how-to-study Need study help on how to study? Then stop here to learn to make the most of your brain power. They even have a special section for college students.
enotes Along with the usual tools, this site offers discussions on studying along with the option to send in a question to the community. Choose from literature, history, math, and many other subjects to get the usual guides.
shmoop Study just like teachers do on this site. They have homework resources, test prep, and even their own point system. You can also get teacher’s editions here.

Heralded as one of the best ways to study, use these online study resources to make and view flashcards.

flashcard machine The most recently created flashcards are listed on the right hand of the page as well as the top contributors. The ability to use images in flashcards is also helpful. New features include the ability to save study sessions and create files.
cramberry Use this site to “study less, remember more.” A registration helps you create and share online flashcards while still accessing their database. They also have an app for iPhone and iPad.
pearson If you just need a simple flashcard creating tool, stop here. They allow you to easily create your very own flashcards for languages, math, and more. Simply create and print.
Thousands of users come here every day to create and share flashcards. Stop by to get them in every subject from languages to professional careers. They also have a mobile app.
study stack In addition to flashcards, you can also get other similar study tools here. They include matching games, crosswords, hangman, and others. There is also a special option for Facebook.
brainflips They bill themselves as the “world’s smartest flashcards.” Take on the challenge by checking out the very latest additions on the homepage. You can also sift through the already created decks and even options for business.
cram Stop here for web-based flashcards. Over 400,000 have done so to add to the database of over 40 million. You can also get flashcards especially for iPhone or Android..

Use the below to help you study literature, poetry, and more

27_about_poetry A little different from the above, this is more of a blog than study site. However, Margery Snyder and Bob Holman have tons of poetry expertise to be found on here. A few must reads include “Summer Poems” and “Memory and Nature.”
28_bibliomania You can both read your work and get study guides all on one site here. They have over 2,000 classic texts, as well as notes, author bios, and more. There are also reference books and religious texts for the viewing.
29_greek_mythology If studying the Greek gods, stop here for help. They are a comprehensive database of every god, creature, and myth in the Greek world. You can even check out creative study tools such as family trees and recipes.
30_today_in_literature Now that you’ve read all these works, what to make of them? Stop by this leading publication to get expert analysis on many recent and classic works. You can also subscribe to get their newsletter with more.
26_the_best_notes In addition to the regular book notes, they also offer chapter summaries for those who don’t want to read the whole thing. They have an index from A to Z of all the titles they offer, along with the newest on the homepage. You can also check out the 60 most popular in the right hand column.

One of the most challenging subjects in college doesn’t have to be with the help of these online study resources for math.

31_the_math_forum This online study tool is provided by Drexel. They have problems, puzzles, online mentoring, research, and much more. You can also Ask Dr. Math, get problems of the week, and other tools.
32_pauls_online_math_notes He is a math teacher at Lamar University. However, you don’t have to be one of his students to get the many useful math notes, which are a must for college freshmen. They include an algebra cheat sheet, trig cheat, and others.
33_purple_math If algebra is what you’re facing as a college freshman, click here. They write their lessons with the student in mind and include quizzes, worksheets, and more. There are also forums where you can ask and answer questions.
34_AAA_math Stop here for a comprehensive set of interactive arithmetic lessons. Choose by subject from algebra to statistics and many in between. There are also similar sites for other study areas.
35_math_dot_com All sorts of math help for all sorts of students is featured here. Hot topics currently include fractions, exponents, and percents. You can also choose math help by level.
36_college_board This site has loads on what to expect from college. In this special section for math, they describe the description of the college mathematics exam. You can also download study guides and get other online resources.
37_math_help_forum Still need help on math? Then stop here to get loads of help from this active, online community. Topics include pre-university and post-university math.
38_calculate_for_free Got math problems but no calculator? Then stop here to get free calculators in math, science, and other subjects. There is also an option for mobile devices.
39_easy_calculation Need a specific math calculator? Then it’s probably on this site. Choices include statistics, trigonometry, matrix, and others.

These online study tools have even more for college freshmen.

44_dictionary_com Similar to the above, you can find loads of words here. There is also a thesaurus, flashcards, and more. Audio pronunciation is also a key feature.
45_encyclopedia Instead of going to your local library, use this site to look up a term online. They search over 100 encyclopedias, dictionaries, and more to bring you the answer. They also have current events and news.
46_encyclopedia_britannica If you still need the word of an in print encyclopedia, but online, click here. It is the official site of Encyclopedia Britannica. There are loads of options such as for math, science, and even children.
47_the_literary_encyclopedia Did you read something in a work of literature but don’t understand it? Then stop here to look it up on the online encyclopedia. Do a quick search or check out their newest articles.
48_thesaurus If you need a thesaurus, stop here. The site allows you to type in a word and get loads of synonyms and even a few antonyms. They also have a mobile app.
49_blue_letter_bible If going into college studies for a religion major, stop here to get an online study tool for the Bible. They have charts and quotes, along with many guides. You can also get daily motivations, quotes, and more.
50_spanish_dict If studying or minoring in Spanish, this is the online study tool for you. They have a Spanish to English dictionary and even free video lessons. There are also flashcards and areas to send in your questions.
41_project_gutenberg Need a book but don’t want to travel to the library? Stop by this humungous database to see if the book is public domain. You can download it with a click, read it online, or even get options for Kindle.
42_bartleby_logo Similar to the above, they also feature public domain books. However, their focus is exclusive to prominent works of literature. They also have Harvard Classics and other popular series.
43_merriam_webster In the olden days, a copy of the latest version of this dictionary was required to be in every college freshmen’s backpack. Now you can visit the site to look up the word of your choice. There are even trends and words seen on screen.

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