Financing your education

PIGGYYou’ve made it! Congrats! After all that hard work you’ve finally gotten into college leaving just one question… how will you pay for your education? No worries, we’ve got you covered. With FAFSA and scholarship tips and advice you’ll be headed off for college in no time.


AHS Financial Advisor

  • Bonnie Sykes is available to help you and/or your parents discuss finances for colleges
  • Appointments can be made in Student Services- just ask at the front desk
  • She comes to AHS on Wednesdays from October-May
  • Take advantage of this great FREE resource!

Scholarship Quick Tips

  • Start your search early!
  • Search locally- there will be less applicants, giving you a better chance at winning
  • Make sure you meet all the requirements before you start the application
  • Don’t be shy when talking about your accomplishments
  • Save a copy of your essays- they can be reused on future applications to save time
  • Keep searching- new scholarships are announced all the time
  • Be mindful of when deadlines are, especially if you need to mail the application in


  • File early- NC awards money on a first come first serve basis
  • Double Check- make sure all information is accurate
  • Gather materials- includes drivers license, social security, W-2 and more
  • Look into work-study opportunities your campus offers
  • Don’t leave anything blank- even if the answer is zero put down “0”

Saving Money

  • Rent or buy used textbooks instead of buying new
  • Always check for a student discount before making purchases
  • If you choose to have a credit card, pay it off every month
  • Don’t go out to eat all the time when you can go to the dining hall- you have a meal plan for a reason

How to Complete the FAFSA

Resource links

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