You’ve done it! You’ve applied, interviewed, and finally got the news- you got the job! Now what though? We’ve got some basic office etiquette tips to help you out.


  • Stay at home if you are really sick- no one wants to catch your illness!
  • Eat smelly food in the cafeteria or break room to avoid bothering others
  • Put your cell phone on vibrate
  • Be aware of how loud you are talking on the phone if you are in an open area


  • Pay attention! Now is not the time to be checking emails on your phone
  • Show up on time
  • Avoid nervous ticks such as tapping a pen, or stroking hair
  • Listen attentively and take notes as needed


  • Take the time to write a subject line that will get attention and priority
  • Double check all spelling and grammar
  • Don’t use texting lingo in an email
  • Check the recipients to make sure the email is going out to the right people


  • Be friendly! Work can be more enjoyable when you get along with your coworkers
  • Share the credit- if you worked on something in a group make sure all the members get credit for it
  • If you have to share your work space with a coworker, be considerate and respectful
  • Steer clear of office gossip and drama

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