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Meet 2019-2020 Academy Intern, Jillian B.

By: Jillian Brannock, AOIT Intern Hi! My name is Jillian Brannock, and I am this year’s AoIT Intern! I’m a ...
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Mr. Derda’s Adventure Into The Jungle

Mr. Derda Last summer, AOIT's very own Biology teacher, Jeff Derda, took a trip into the Jungles of Peru where ...
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Open Letter to My Fellow Teenagers

By: Kaitlyn Long // Apex AOIT - Class of 2016 We are children of the technology era. Our parents are ...
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Open Source

By: Ethan Alfonso Open source programming is the development of software that is neither privatized nor restricted in its development ...
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Should I Dual Track??

By: Kylie Griep, AOIT Intern A big thing about AOIT is the two different course paths you can take. On ...
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Sphero 2.0

By: Abby Farrell, AOIT Intern Last week, AOIT received a new friend, the Sphero 2.0 robot. Students will have access ...
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Tech Tips: Quick Keys

Quick keys are one of the easiest, most useful functions of the keyboard—outside of standard typing, that is. If you’ve ...
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Tech Tips: Saving Time

Did you know all of these little hacks? Are they really helpful? Or is taking the "long way" just as ...
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Technology in the News: Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday has proven to be one of the biggest sources of revenue for American companies, as more and more ...
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Technology in the News: November 2

HP, a Silicon Valley icon, is ready for its break-up Hewlett-Packard was one of the groundbreaking companies in Silicon Valley ...
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To Diversity…and Beyond!

By: Kaitlyn Long // Apex AOIT - Class of 2016 This past Sunday, the News & Observer published an article ...
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What is Cloud Computing??

By Ethan Alfonso // Apex High AOIT - Class of 2017 Among recent years in the IT community, the term ...
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