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6 QUESTIONS: Job Shadowing

By: Kaitlyn Long // Apex AOIT - Class of 2016 On Thursday, November 11, the AOIT freshman class participated in ...
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AOIT Interns Find Success with Major Corporations

By: Kaitlyn Long // Apex AOIT - Class of 2016 For Apex AOIT, the significance of completing a business internship ...
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AOIT Networking Event

By: Rachel McKinney // Apex High AOIT - Class of 2016 Networking: to further one's career by interacting with other ...
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AOIT NextDoor App Comments

Check out what people are saying about AOIT! Post in Recommendations Apex AOIT program Christine Lennon from Haddon Hall · 1d ago Hi, ...
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AP vs. Dual Enrollment: Which Should I Take?

By: Aysatu Diallo - AOIT Intern 2021-2022 Date: October 1, 2021 Are you unsure whether you should take either AP ...
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APES Air Quality Project

Four AOIT sophomores created a very impressive program in their first semester APES class. The students were challenged to make ...
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CTE Month: Not your Father’s Shop Class

By: Rachel McKinney // Apex AOIT - Class of 2016 Vocational education is out, CTE (Career Technical Education) is in ...
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CTE Month: The Importance of CTE Classes

By: Rachel McKinney // Apex AOIT - Class of 2016 Through all four years of high school, AOIT students are ...
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Honors vs. Advanced Placement Paths in AOIT

By: Kylie Griep, AOIT Intern When you are in AOIT, you will get to a point when you will have ...
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Is AOIT for you?

By: Isaac Luther Date: October 1st, 2021 If you are a rising freshman and are wondering if AOIT is for ...
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Meet 2019-2020 Academy Intern, Jillian B.

By: Jillian Brannock, AOIT Intern Hi! My name is Jillian Brannock, and I am this year’s AoIT Intern! I’m a ...
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Mr. Derda’s Adventure Into The Jungle

Mr. Derda Last summer, AOIT's very own Biology teacher, Jeff Derda, took a trip into the Jungles of Peru where ...
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