Advisory Board

The Advisory Board promotes partnerships between businesses and public high schools, and works with the Academy Director/Manager in providing the following essential functions:

…industry experience to support Academy curriculum.
…paid internships for Academy students.
…access to industry training classes for teachers.
…industry familiarization tours for teachers and students.
…scholarships for outstanding students.
…an advocate for the Academy to educational, political, and business communities.
…encouragement for other community businesses to establish paid internships for students.
Assists in…
…student recruitment.
…budget development for Academy activities.
…fundraising to support Academy activities.
…promotional activities for the Academy.
…expansion of Academy programs.

Current Members

Everette Allen, NCSU
Manoj Bhatia, Cisco
Tim Campbell, SAS – Systems Division
David Clark, LORD Corporation
John Defazio, IBM
Barbara Elles, Morris, Russell, Eagle & Worley, PLLC
Teia Robinson, Director – Apex High School AOIT
Joy Frankoff, Wake County Public Schools
Connie Freeman
Tony Ganzon, Sun Tech Medical
Jill Gibson
Basil Guevarra, Builders Mutual
Ed Gustin
Sheri Hardy, American Airlines
Chris Hanburger, AOL/Verizon
Rich Henderson, Lenovo
Drew Hill, Apex High School
Kerry Kendall, Fidelity
Dan Lah, Red Hat
Hazel McCoy
Charles Mihiliak, Syngenta
Thomas Morgan, RTI
Michael Murphy, Dell Inc.
Marcia Murto, Down Level Seven
Gal Profesorsky, Astadia
Rob Sauerwalt, IBM
David Schmitt, NetApp
Olivia Scott, Promotional Partners
Craig Statham, SAS
Chris Wheeler, Wake Tech
John Winterroth, ATI
If you are interested in serving on the AOIT Advisory Board, please contact Michael Murphy (, or Teia Robinson (


Academy Support Team

The purpose of the AST is to…
  • …develop among its members and the local community an understanding and advancement of the Academy of Information Technology program at Apex High School.
  • …provide a volunteer base and assist in bringing in financial support to the Academy program.
  • …help build and enhance the relationship between the Academy program and the AOIT Business Partners.

Membership in the AST is open to AOIT students, parents of AOIT students, AOIT teachers, AOIT Business Partners, and members of the local community. To become a member, the participant must agree to support the purposes of the AST and follow the by-laws. If interested in joining the Academy Support Team, please contact Teia Robinson at

Current AOIT AST board members:

President – Cindy Edgington
Treasurer – Faith Flowers
Secretary – Christy Wing
Fundraising – vacant
Banquet Chair – Nicole Scoggins