Technology in the News: Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday has proven to be one of the biggest sources of revenue for American companies, as more and more people are taking to their keyboards on Monday rather than trampling each other in stores on Black Friday.

The concepts regarding Cyber Monday have evolved from that of the original sale pinnacle, Black Friday. Within the last ten years, however, consumer focus has shifted to buying online. According to Fortune Magazine, this year’s online sales are projected to increase 12% from last year’s totals, for a total revenue of more than $3 billion. Christian Science Monitor claims that the best deals are posted before 5 o’clock PM, so if you’re planning on shopping, go ahead and get on it!

It just so happens that this year’s most popular deals include the technology industry, with new products like smart watches and 4K televisions. Here are the best deals, and who’s offering them:

For more deals, check out Mashable and TechRadar.

Happy shopping, AOIT-ers!

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