Application for the class of 2025 is live.

It’s is time for course registration!

Please review the registration materials linked here and in your respective Google Classrooms.

Apex High School’s Academy of Information Technology (AOIT) is a small, focused learning community within Apex High School. The Academy is among the highest-rated NAF Academies in the United States. In 2013, the Academy was recognized as the number one NAF Academy in the nation, and has maintained a distinguished status since.

Like all NAF Academies, AOIT places a strong importance on career-readiness and post-high school success. AOIT offers a rigorous course of study that is based in industry-validated courses and the integration of STEM principles into the classroom. AOIT uses interdisciplinary and teamwork projects to emphasize the importance of developing presentation, communication and technology skills. Academy students are also offered a variety of on-site and workplace-based professional training opportunities.

AOIT curriculum focuses on two main areas of study: Applications and Web Development (Apps), and Computer Programming (Programming). The Apps track centers around the mastery of concepts in media and Web development. The Programming track centers around the mastery of four coding languages: Visual Basic, C#, SAS, Python, and JAVA. All AOIT students are required to take Principles of Information Technology during their freshman year, and Computer Programming I as a sophomore; all students will also complete a 135-hour internship prior to graduation.

This web site is an important component of our Academy, and has been newly redesigned to provide a better representation of our Academy. Please feel free to contact our Director, Ms. Teia Robinson with any questions or concerns, or if you would like information on hosting an AOIT intern.

As you may have noticed, the Apex AOIT website has recently undergone a lengthy transformation, and the navigation may be slightly different than what you may remember. For a brief overview of the contents of each page on this new site, please view our Website Navigation Guide.

Encouraging education. Inspiring careers. Mentoring students.

Apex High School Academy of Information Technology

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